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Author Paul Corson has crafted a fascinating work that anyone with an interest in theology and spirituality will be able to take so much from. Whether you are religious or not, the concept of God, faith, and the universe is a highly intriguing one, and Corson’s confident prose conveys so much passion, research, and dedication that it really makes for a compelling reading experience.”

- K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Author Paul Corson boldly outlines a path toward enlightenment and spiritual liberation in Regaining Paradise: Forming a New Worldview, Knowing God, and Journeying into Eternity. Part theoretical textbook, part spiritual manifesto, and part scientific storytelling, this is a mind-bending book by a clearly passionate thinker.”

- SPR Review

"Paul Corson’s Regaining Paradise undertakes a long, complex heroic journey toward a new view of the afterlife, informed by plenty of technical scientific exploration."

- Indie Reader

Regaining Paradise resonates deeply with my own views.  I am confident, based on what we know about the nonlocal nature of consciousness, that some form of immortality is not optional but is mandated.  Paul obviously realizes this and is bold and erudite in asserting it.  This book will be of enormous consolation and inspiration to anyone fortunate enough to read it.

- Larry Dossey, M.D.

Author of 'One Mind: How Our Individual Mind is Part of a Greater Consciousness' and 'Why It Matters' (Hay House, 2013).

"Paul Corson presents a unique, intuitive look at eternal questions: creation, infinity, and what happens after we die. His scientific background provides counterpoint to his intuition gleaned from personal experiences of the "next level". Combining a refreshing sense of wonder at the complexities of this universe (and others!) with a firm commitment to rational problem solving, Corson takes us on a journey through theoretical physics, molecular biology, evolution, spirituality, and even a brief section on psychic powers. Despite the challenging nature of each of these fields of study, he creates a compelling narrative that most readers will find of interest.


Against the background of scientific thought and rational perspective, Corson further addresses the importance of enlightened spirituality, while successfully avoiding the traps that diminish the value of most religious traditions. He recognizes the power of what we all share, and successfully creates a perspective that allows our differences to exist without causing dissension and turmoil. His vision of the world we could create if we are able to adopt this perspective carries the power of hope for our future."


Corson's clear explanations and lucid storytelling make this book a compelling read. You will be well served to suspend your disbelief and join him on this adventure with an open mind!" 


- Marc D. Baldwin, Ph.D. in American Literature.

"In this expansive book ‒ combining science, physics, logical reasoning, and intuition ‒ Paul Corson bids the reader to step outside their usual range of experience and journey with him to the limits of the cosmos. The ideas set forth here are clearly and successfully articulated and thoroughly referenced."

- Bill Reinsmith, Ph.D.

Award-winning essayist and Professor of  Philosophy at the Philadelphia University of the Sciences authored 'A Harmony Within: Five Who Took Refuge: A Study in Creative Withdrawal'.

"This book is a brilliant explanation concerning the mysteries of our existence. Corson's observations are backed by science as well as reason. He addresses the transcendent realm not from the platform of Earth, but from a place beyond the circle of the universe. Corson's unique perspective recognizes the suprauniversal factors beyond universal time that are genesis for our material existence as well as the source of our spiritual immortality. His genius lies in explaining the origin and nature of universal time and its infinite source. For those who seek answers to existential questions of purpose and meaning, and whether there is actually an Other Side, I highly recommend this book."

- Wanda Woodward, Ph.D. 

Wanda Woodward, Ph.D. Philosophy. Author of The Anatomy of The Soul: An Authentic Psychology and The Human Soul: An Ontological Exegenesis of Transcendence.

"Having read Paul Corson's book, Touched by God, I was eager to read his current book and was not disappointed. In it he expands upon his scientifically based theological studies which, while complicated to a non-scientist like myself, are well worth taking the time and effort to grasp. His writing is intelligent and inspired ‒ enough to make an agnostic such as myself reconsider my philosophy of life and find hope for a compassionate and meaningful universe." 


- Jamie Brambly

Director of the Fulton County Regional Library, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania.