Praise for  the Author

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"Paul is a modern-day prophet and I believe that to have written the chapter ‘Divine Cosmic Continuity: A Basis for the Reality of Heaven’ he was reached by God."

- Sister Margaret McKenna, Ph.D.

Sister Margaret McKenna, Ph.D., Co-founder of, one of the largest HIV informational sites in the world, and a renowned lecturer on non-violence.


"You are taking on several huge problems and you're presenting an audacious unified solution to them. Bravo on both counts!"

- Elliot Sober

Elliott Sober, a scholar is a Hans Reichenbach Professor and William F. Vilas Research professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Sober authored thirteen books and over one hundred scientific papers.

William A. Reinsmith  BA (St. Charles Bo

"All that I can say is that what you are positing [regarding the ultimate reality and Purpose] makes sense in the highest sense of the term 'makes sense.' It's all- inclusive."

- William Reinsmith, Ph.D.

William Reinsmith, Ph.D., (St. Charles Borromeo); MA (Villanova); DA (Carnegie Mellon) 
Professor Emeritus of Humanities (Retired) of the Philadelphia University of the Sciences


"His [Corson's] genius lies in explaining the origin and nature of universal time and its infinite source."

- Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

Wanda Woodward, Ph.D. philosophy. Author of 'The Anatomy of The Soul: An Authentic Psychology'. Her book sets a historical precedent by providing an essential, simple definition, and exegesis of the Soul.


"Corson is looking into infinity… you get this in reports of what shamans do, and you get it in apocalyptic [prophetic] literature , this sense of leaving the world behind."

- Gregory D. Alles, Ph.D.

Corson's transcendent experiences were featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer series, Jan 11, 1998: "Transcendence: Shedding Light on the Visions of the Divine Light:" Above quote by Frank Wilson, Staff Writer, and attributed to Gregory D. Alles, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at McDaniel College.