about the author


Paul Corson is a prolific writer, from Memphis Tennessee. Corson’s description of his otherworldly experiences were featured in 'The Philadelphia Inquirer'. He went on to be interviewed about his transcendent encounters on the Karen Grant Show and also on local and national TV. As a pharmacist, Corson established a protocol for the treatment of HIV/AIDs. Corson received the 2000 Philadelphia Hero Award for his contributions in supporting AIDS survivors. 


Paul published the book, 'Touched by God: A Search for Higher Truth' in 2004. His poem, 'What Can Comfort Those Who Have Lost a Loved One' has been read at each of the opening ceremonies of the Aids Quilt in its original 20-city tour. He has since shared the poem with those who have suffered great loss. Corson remembers with quiet satisfaction the time he helped save a man who was trapped in a burning building. His later adult life was spent writing and also living the precepts that are offered in Regaining Paradise.