... and why we have infinite existence

Even veteran readers of spiritual literature will be delighted and enlightened by Regaining Paradise, by Paul Corson, which celebrates new and age-old wisdom. Corson sensibly reconciles faith and science in a manner both simple and deep, allowing the mind’s eye to perceive new means of understanding the rational and the miraculous.

Dive into the Unknown and think about our existence. Combine what we already know with what we wish to discover and these theories are like no other.

Take a look inside:

what is the nature

of infinite existence?

" Regaining Paradise tickles your mind with the baffling space between life and death and the mysterious way order and chaos come together to create all of the universe in stunning complexity and form. Only a vast intelligence could have set up such an amazing system and this book explores that very idea- what lies beyond the mystery, beyond the veil- thought provoking and exciting writing!"

-- Louisa Firethorne,. NW Artist and Designer

This is a vast truth:

We can transcend ourselves through a process of self liberation.

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